Thursday, March 06, 2008

I added my verizon website to the list of links. I worked really hard to get the details of Anna's adoption in there, and for those going through the process, seeing some of the travel adventures may be helpful. August's adoption was really fast, so there wasn't much time between trips to write it all out. Let's just say, I am so glad I took big chances by traveling blind. I am not seeing it get any easier for families wanting girls. I was very lucky to get in and out quickly.

Today I took Anna to get her blood taken for some tests. Nothing too serious I hope, but I want to be sure she is doing well with her vitamin and iron intake... She is just getting over Strep, and I am concerned about being sick several times this year.
She was such a darling. She didn't pitch a fit, just cried a wee bit when the needle went in, then was amazingly strong throughout the process. She said, "Mommy I am so proud of myself." She has said it a million times since. School is going to be very exciting tomorrow as she tells everyone about getting her blood taken.
My dad is coming up this weekend to see his girls. I am sure we will end up at a SuperWalmart at some point, as my father has an overwhelming need to purchase diapers and wetwipes for us. Lately we buy at least 2 dozen eggs each week. My gals love their poultry products.

Have a great weekend.

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