Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Got the Hefty Bags Out!!

So, my big girl loves her stuff. She has too much stuff. I think she just might have it all.
So today, I told her to pick up 5 toys. She told me she loved it to be a mess.
So I told her that she picked up 5 toys, or I would pick up 5 toys and throw them away.

A Dora Puzzle, a paddle with the ball missing, several craft related items, and a pair of plastic earings hit the hefty!
I can't take our mess. We make the same mess in the living room everyday and I am so tired of stepping on a leggo, or an earing, or a fairy princess shoe. Those suckers hurt. So everyday, I am getting the Hefty out. (My girl loves her stuff, but not enough to pick it up)

Again, we are in the midst of a busy weekend. I have to teach Sunday School again, and then after that, I am helping to give a baby shower. No, she is not adopting, she is actually pregnant. Who does that anymore?? (She is actually a dear coworker of mine, who almost considered adoption.) I am meeting her friend next week to talk about adoption.

My dear J got a trip. She is traveling like me, sort of blind. No real info, just an idea of a child. They leave in 3 weeks. She will be back in such beautiful weather.
She is going to Russia.

Sooooo next weekend is the COH Easter Party. And my translator from Khabarovsk will be here. She is staying with a family in Boston and will be down for a few days. I am thrilled to see her since I sort of left things with her and the Khab region a bit sketchy. It wasn't my fault but what are ya gonna do?
Happy weekend everyone.

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