Thursday, March 13, 2008

It Makes Me Wonder

On a pretty regular basis, I check the National Database for Russian Orphans, and the regional charitable database for Novosibirsk. It took almost two years for me to complete my adoption, and I started looking at the children then. In all of this time, there are still some of the same faces waiting for a family to come and take them. I ask myself, what could be wrong with these children that would make them unadoptable? What could be so wrong that a family would say no.... I have to hope that for every child, there is a family, but the realist in me knows this isn't the case. What if a child is HIV+? Could I have accepted them? What about HEP C? Could I overlook it? Thank the Lord I never had to face those decisions. It just makes you wonder....
And the Russians are only concerned with NOT letting Americans adopt. Again, it makes you wonder.
I am reading a Sean Flannery nonfiction thriller from the 80's and when I read this it made me think of how things are in the adoption world.
"Fear is the motivator that pushes the Russians into a dull, plodding, inefficiency that errupts in fits of incredible barbarity at unpredictable intervals." I know it seems a bit overly dramatic, but sometimes we adoptive parents see more than we should, learn more than we should, and it forever stains our feelings about the process of international adoption

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