Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our family came home from Russia on December 2nd, I never dreamed that we would be able to share a First Christmas together. We thought we would be in Russia for an additional two weeks, an my original plan was to do a sort of Half Christmas. We ended up going for it full force! Just after Christmas, we went to my school for a Welcome Home Party.

As usual, everyone was so generous and we were given a gorgeous cake, and gift certificates that we needed! BMP you are the best!

We are really getting into a groove lately. I have seen so much growth in AugustRose. She is such a pistol. Anna was sooo laid back, and gentle. She has tickled my eyelashes since she was a tiny baby, and never once has she poked me in the eye. At this point, I won't let August near my eyes. She is such a wild child, she may just poke my eyeball out. I love her so much. August isn't as snuggly as Anna. She is go, go, go, all of the time. She plays until she falls out.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy. An Easter Egg Hunt, then the Faberge Egg Festival, then COH's Easter Party at the Embassy. Plus a translator from Anna's adoption is here in the states, and is coming down for a visit. She only met us a couple of times, but I remember her so fondly for teaching us the "Soroka, Soroka" hand rhyme. It's similar to "This Little Piggy" that we do on our babies toes!!

I am waiting for my friend "J" to get travel news. She is going to Novosibirsk, and is another lucky family to work with Marina and Olyessa, and Lev. I just can't wait for her to meet the baby of her dreams! Swingomatic is yet to post and I am on pins and needles to hear all about her trip. She should have met her gal by now, I hope all is well.

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Christine said...

August Rose is just a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Congrats!