Monday, March 10, 2008


We can barely fit the Hughes-Green clans into one car. Our big boy M, stayed home from this party. This is the group on the way to the Russian Christmas Party at the Embassy. (I am finding all sorts of photos on my computer....)
I am thrilled to be enjoying my girls culture!!
I have a blogger friend in Novosibirsk right now, and she should be meeting her little girl, I hope she falls in love!
Swing, I am praying for ya!!
Soon we will be back at the embassy for the Easter Party.
I will be on spring break next week, and I plan to take tons of photos of the girls!! Watch out!
Every so often, AugustRose will laugh at the craziest things. For a few days last week, I would wiggle around and she thought it was so funny! I sent Anna to get the camera and we caught the last bit of her "gigglefest."

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