Friday, April 25, 2008

Is This What Drowning Feels Like?

Ever felt like your head was just above water? Well I am right there with ya. At my job, my teammate is home prepping to have her baby and it is time for me to pick up the slack that was picked up for me when I adopted AugustRose. My teammates never asked a thing of me before either of my trips, so now I need to do the same.
I am in the midst of testing season at school, and it seems that our PTA has an event planned almost weekly.
My childcare will be up in the air next week, which means I will travel to Stafford everynight to stay so that Missy can keep the girls. It also means that I will be on the road at least and hour and a half every morning and afternoon.
My family thinks I am slacking since I don't read to the girls like I did with just Anna. Apparently I don't give them enough fruits and veggies either... Nothing like getting piled on when you are already sort of half way under the water..
I have been praying more lately since I am struggling so hard. He will hear me and give me some help!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tide Tantrums and Tomorrow...

So at the end of yet another lost weekend, I am going through Tide as if it was water. AugustRose is such a drinker, and although I take her water away pretty early, she still manages to leak from her diaper pretty much every other night. I got another set of sheets, but I still can't leave wet sheets around, so we wash. Anna is sort of punky today. Last night she threw up all over herself and me and our sheets so again, we wash.
She has been in bed all day, napping, resting, napping and resting. I took a quick cat nap with her and she didn't have a fever or anything, just punky I guess...We missed Church today. I feel so out of touch with New Hope. I have not been in the swing of things since I got home. If it is not a personal obligation, it is a school obligation. I have never been so busy in all of my life.
Speaking of school. Tomorrow we find out who our new principal will be. I pray it is an old friend from the past, but I fear it won't be. I need to go to a new school anyway. The commute is starting to get to me and I would love to be closer to home. I just dread trying to get a new job. I haven't interviewed in a thousand years and I am not sure if I would even get a job.
I have worked with at risk children for so long, and the schools close to home are certainly not at risk. Very upper middle class with parents that really love to be a part of the process. So who is to know?

August and I went to dinner with a family who is considering adoption. I hope I was able to persuade them. I remember feeling low about infertility. I remember the desperation. I also remember knowing that it would all be okay once I had my heart set on a baby from Russia.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Who's Baby is in That Stroller?

I forgot about this picture..I took it on my first trip in Novosibirsk. I thought the strollers were empty, but then realized that there were little tiny ones in them. I remember thinking how many Americans were in the US just "jones-ing" for a baby and they are lined up in many regions across Russians. Can you stand it?

Tonight I am meeting with a family in hopes that they will consider using COH for their adoption. They are not even sure at this point that they want to adopt, but hopefully they will lean that way after tonight. No one realizes that many adopt to make their families whole. We are not heroes. We usually adopt for ourselves. It is only after we complete our adoptions that we begin to see the enormous event that we just went through....

I am such a lucky lucky girl..Still not sure why God chose be to bless...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Anna was here this week. We had a great time reliving our time in Khabarovsk. It seems like yesterday she was taking us out and about in the FarEast. She is in America for a few more weeks visiting several families that she worked with. It is rare to make a friend in Russia. Luckily I can maintain a friendship with one of the wonderful women who helped me to become a mother..
We shopped a bit with Missy and we had a good ole time. She makes me miss Khabarovsk.

Anna was with us in Khabarovsk as our translator. She was very sensitive to me being a new mom, and wanted to be sure it was okay to speak in Russian to my little Anna. While we all toured the city, she was taught us a finger play about a Magpie.

Сорока – сорока,
Кашу варила,
Деток кормила.
Это му дала,
Это му дала,
Это му дала,
Это му дала,
A этому не дала-
Ты воды не носил,
Дров не рубил,
Тебе нет ничего!

It's fun to remember those wonderful times.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Like Sister, Like Sister

If you ask Anna to smile, she will usually do it with a prop, so when we were at the Russian Embassy last weekend, I tried to get a picture of the girls, Anna gave me a smile with a prop, and because AugustRose wants to be just like her sister, she also gave me a smile with a prop..
It was truly amazing to see some of the folks we saw at the Embassy Party. We saw Bonnie and her little one. We saw a child that was referred to a friend who eventually ended up with a boy referral. We saw so many old and new friends. Dawn and her family were there and we got to visit with them at the Hoojez house after. The kids had a blast, and honestly we will always enjoy our time at the Embassy.I am a lucky lucky girl.

BUT,I don't think I will ever be able to watch Eastern Promises again.....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Live Life
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So my plan to live a life less cluttered is faily miserably. I have a bigger mess than before. But I have to continue with my effort to drag the Hefty's out and throw out all of the items my dear princess refuses to pick up. My plan is to sell this house in the summer, and it must be decluttered by then.

I also have to make some serious parenting changes. In the past few months, we have become a gypsy family. We are not sticking to any sort of schedule and this is not good. When Anna was little the clock was my master. My word of the day is fliterdagibit. That's me. I need to remember that I want my girls to be in a regiment for success. Free and easy ain't always the best way.

I put Anna in her bed tonight. I need better sleep and so does she. I left the bathroom light on, and expect a tearful princess to come into my room, but I need to plan this moment, that I will put her BACK into her bed. She is really testing the waters lately, but I have to lay down the law. She cannot be one of those overindulged children I see in the mall and grocery store!
I can't blame her, I have not been a great parent over the past few weeks. We used to thrive in the slow and steady pace of life. And now, it seems that no matter what day it is, I am in the planning stages of a party for a friend, a shower for a coworker or two, planning for school, making projects for work, and on and on..I need to work when I come home, and the girls just mess until dark, and then we are all so tired that we end up sleeping among our mess. Gypsies.

I used to force myself to be neat. And then I had children, and wow, its tough to keep up!