Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Anna was here this week. We had a great time reliving our time in Khabarovsk. It seems like yesterday she was taking us out and about in the FarEast. She is in America for a few more weeks visiting several families that she worked with. It is rare to make a friend in Russia. Luckily I can maintain a friendship with one of the wonderful women who helped me to become a mother..
We shopped a bit with Missy and we had a good ole time. She makes me miss Khabarovsk.

Anna was with us in Khabarovsk as our translator. She was very sensitive to me being a new mom, and wanted to be sure it was okay to speak in Russian to my little Anna. While we all toured the city, she was taught us a finger play about a Magpie.

Сорока – сорока,
Кашу варила,
Деток кормила.
Это му дала,
Это му дала,
Это му дала,
Это му дала,
A этому не дала-
Ты воды не носил,
Дров не рубил,
Тебе нет ничего!

It's fun to remember those wonderful times.

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