Friday, April 25, 2008

Is This What Drowning Feels Like?

Ever felt like your head was just above water? Well I am right there with ya. At my job, my teammate is home prepping to have her baby and it is time for me to pick up the slack that was picked up for me when I adopted AugustRose. My teammates never asked a thing of me before either of my trips, so now I need to do the same.
I am in the midst of testing season at school, and it seems that our PTA has an event planned almost weekly.
My childcare will be up in the air next week, which means I will travel to Stafford everynight to stay so that Missy can keep the girls. It also means that I will be on the road at least and hour and a half every morning and afternoon.
My family thinks I am slacking since I don't read to the girls like I did with just Anna. Apparently I don't give them enough fruits and veggies either... Nothing like getting piled on when you are already sort of half way under the water..
I have been praying more lately since I am struggling so hard. He will hear me and give me some help!


Kim McEvoy said...

Not enough fruits and veggies?

Heck, Tima had ice cream for dinner last week...what kind of monstrous parent does that make ME?! :)

Jojo said...