Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Live Life
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So my plan to live a life less cluttered is faily miserably. I have a bigger mess than before. But I have to continue with my effort to drag the Hefty's out and throw out all of the items my dear princess refuses to pick up. My plan is to sell this house in the summer, and it must be decluttered by then.

I also have to make some serious parenting changes. In the past few months, we have become a gypsy family. We are not sticking to any sort of schedule and this is not good. When Anna was little the clock was my master. My word of the day is fliterdagibit. That's me. I need to remember that I want my girls to be in a regiment for success. Free and easy ain't always the best way.

I put Anna in her bed tonight. I need better sleep and so does she. I left the bathroom light on, and expect a tearful princess to come into my room, but I need to plan this moment, that I will put her BACK into her bed. She is really testing the waters lately, but I have to lay down the law. She cannot be one of those overindulged children I see in the mall and grocery store!
I can't blame her, I have not been a great parent over the past few weeks. We used to thrive in the slow and steady pace of life. And now, it seems that no matter what day it is, I am in the planning stages of a party for a friend, a shower for a coworker or two, planning for school, making projects for work, and on and on..I need to work when I come home, and the girls just mess until dark, and then we are all so tired that we end up sleeping among our mess. Gypsies.

I used to force myself to be neat. And then I had children, and wow, its tough to keep up!

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