Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tide Tantrums and Tomorrow...

So at the end of yet another lost weekend, I am going through Tide as if it was water. AugustRose is such a drinker, and although I take her water away pretty early, she still manages to leak from her diaper pretty much every other night. I got another set of sheets, but I still can't leave wet sheets around, so we wash. Anna is sort of punky today. Last night she threw up all over herself and me and our sheets so again, we wash.
She has been in bed all day, napping, resting, napping and resting. I took a quick cat nap with her and she didn't have a fever or anything, just punky I guess...We missed Church today. I feel so out of touch with New Hope. I have not been in the swing of things since I got home. If it is not a personal obligation, it is a school obligation. I have never been so busy in all of my life.
Speaking of school. Tomorrow we find out who our new principal will be. I pray it is an old friend from the past, but I fear it won't be. I need to go to a new school anyway. The commute is starting to get to me and I would love to be closer to home. I just dread trying to get a new job. I haven't interviewed in a thousand years and I am not sure if I would even get a job.
I have worked with at risk children for so long, and the schools close to home are certainly not at risk. Very upper middle class with parents that really love to be a part of the process. So who is to know?

August and I went to dinner with a family who is considering adoption. I hope I was able to persuade them. I remember feeling low about infertility. I remember the desperation. I also remember knowing that it would all be okay once I had my heart set on a baby from Russia.

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