Saturday, May 03, 2008

I wanted a post a photo of my gals at a Welcome Home Party a few months ago. My coworkers are really kind and I am so glad that we were able to get there in one peice.

Each day I am trying to get my head above water, and try to solve the mystery of how to keep our tiny space clean all the while allowing the girls to enjoy playing. It seems like the minute they move, there is a mess.
I got some great advice from FRUA, and most seem to think its going to be a while before things settle down and get to "normal" whatever that is...

On another front, it seems that my friend Berna is getting Hitched! She is the leader of my small group at Church and has met the most wonderful man. They are getting married in December and she has asked Diane to be her Maid of Honor.
I feel really out of the loop at New Hope. People are right. "Singles and marrieds" seem to drift. Since all of my friends at New Hope are married, I am a little out of it. I saw someone post somewhere that when they adopted the first time, they had all the support in the world, and with number two, they were on their own...
I really understand that now.

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