Thursday, May 15, 2008

So my sweet, sweet baby is turning two.... We celebrated a few days ago while my dad was in town. She got a couple of "Looooooonnnss" and was tickled with them. We got her a new Elmos blankie, and some Elmo sleeping shirts. She loved it...

In the past 6 months, her vocabulary has exploded. Sadly so are the little bumps all around her eyes...She is going to have surgery on the 30th to get rid of them. Because she is so little, it is hard to explain to her that she cannot touch the parts of her body that irritate her the most. Since the MC are all on her eyelids and in her lashes, the Opthomologist wants them gone!

We have to nip this in the bud or pool time is out of the question.

She is really starting to bond to me more lately. She bonded to Anna quickly, although the pulled loads of her hair out, and bit her.

She is enjoying her bed a lot. She can crawl in and out of her crib, and it has become her own private jungle gym. Sometimes in the morning, I go in and Anna is in it with her. They are usually playing with the random assortment of toys that August has taken in there. It is usually a bottle of baby powder, an empty water bottle, a huge tub of vasoline, a shoe or two, and some books. It seems crowded to me, but she feels secure with all of her nick-nacks around her.

We celebrated Mother's Day by having August dedicated at Church. This means that I have decided to honor God and raise her by following his teachings. It also means my Church and friends there will help hold me to this. We went on stage and we said our "promises." It was wonderful. I was proud to have both of my girls dedicated. It is one of my ways to let the public know how truly thankful I am for my family. God has been good to me and I haven't always deserved it. I love Him for giving me a family.

Now seriously, how could I not have anything but love for the God that gave me that face!

From yuck to wonderful in a matter of a few weeks. Wow!

We are doing great with our new bedtime routine. The girls are going down at 7:45 for story time and snuggles, then usually asleep by 8:15 ish. We are doing better with having a more organized supper also. I just wish I could be a better housekeeper. I am trying to get Anna to be more helpful by offering her rewards. We have gone to the park everyday this week, since she has helped me pick up her mess everyday.

How Do Anna's Tonsils Look?

Every since I gave Anna my old camera she takes photos of everything. I liked this one since it captures her inner mouth beautifully! If you happen to be a medical doctor, take a look and make sure everything looks okay!


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