Sunday, June 08, 2008

I Lost Everything

Sadly, the website I had kept from both girls adoptions is gone. Verizon has really been on my list lately for charging me for a DSL line at my old house. I moved two years ago, and after reviewing my 22 page phone bill I realized there was something hinky. After checking with Verizon, they told me I should have noticed this 2 years ago..Sadly I never understood all of the charges and thought it was correct. So after two years of paying 44.oo a month for a useless, not used DSL line, I got it cancelled and then they (Verizon) cancelled my current DSL line. In trying to correct there mistake they wiped away my whole email account and webpage. I had every detail of both adoptions and now I have nothing....The page was connected to COH's family page and now I cannot share our story with those families waiting to hear about our journey. Huge Bummer. So I wanted to share a photo of the first moments that I met my darling Anna.
She wasn't thrilled. We all ended up crying. I will post some details about our trips from 2004 and 2007 soon.

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