Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Again, Already?

A few months ago I posted a blog about killing our children..Well, it's happened again. As with all of the cases, it is truly tragic. But in this one, I think the tragedy spills over into a new area. A man on his way to work, forgets his 21 month son in the back seat and goes to work. The heat of the car reached well over 100 degrees, and the child died.
The man realizing what has happened breaks down and needs to be hospitalized. Upon his release from the hospital, he is arrested and questioned by the police where he again is hospitalized.
Can you imagine? On this one, I have no judgement. I make some of the dumbest mistakes, and there but the Grace of God go I...I put myself in his place and shudder at the misery that his life will be. Jail or no jail, that poor man is going to suffer for the rest of his life. I have to imagine that his wife is equally devasted and that's a marriage I can see not making it....It's a mistake that is near unforgiveable. But he will be forgiven, as I am almost sure he has begged God to "take back his mistake." I am sure he has pleaded his sorrow for what happened. Any decent parent would. And I am sure this is a decent man... If you are a praying person, this family could use prayer. Poor things.

Since I have posted last, COH had its accreditation suspended. I am still unclear if it is for not completing post-placemements, or if it is not notifying the MOE of it's change in personnel. The law is vague at best, but for whatever the reason, the are screwed.
My hunch is that although they were told they had 3 months to correct the problem, this will be an issue well into the fall. There are parents out there that have been overcharged by Allways International and COH was not in a position to help. See the problem is Allways is the group that runs the COH program while overseas. In theory, THEY are the agency when in Russia. So if they say, "Oh this child has a living relative in a prison and we need to get a helicopter to fly out there and get a signature. This will cost your family 2K." Families are presented with this nonsense by COH. So a family is forced to pay this amount or there won't be a court date...
COH may or may not realize there is no truth to this, but they can't tell the families that this is a lie. Then families will lose faith in COH, they have to in theory, stand behind a lie. So now, without its cash cow, Allways has decided to either withhold information such as postplacements, or tell the MOE in Moscow that COH is not following the letter of the law.
It's a real hot mess.
My estimation is that within a year, there will be no COH. Next summer, I will be looking for someone to do my postplacements for AugustRose.

My heart is broken by this. COH has been a part of my life for 5 years. Although I have gotten irritated with them, they are like family. I would get on a plane tomorrow and go talk to the MOE about COH, but in Russia, there is no room for advocacy. They just don't care about the regular people think.
I will post again later and share happier news about our vacation and how well the girls are doing.