Thursday, July 24, 2008

Turtles, Toes, and Time Together!

So if you wondered what it looks like to be at the beach with a two year old and a five year old. Here it is...We have been enjoying our time in the sun, and celebrating the girls birthdays, AGAIN. Dad had cakes made and we did the whole celebration over again. Man, these girls got it good!
We were sitting on the porch yesterday and looked down at the Intercoastal, (river) and we saw a pod of dolphins swimming by. They were close enough to touch, but since we were inside we couldn't get outside to get a good photo. We also saw a rainbow yesterday.
Earlier we saw a turtle just walking on the bank of the river. We see tons of lizards everyday and the girls think they might just get one before we go home.
Times are good here in Naples. I miss my mom, but other than that, I could stay through October. Sadly, I must work and will be leaving my dad's house in another week and a half.
Then we hit Disney. We will meet Missi's family there. Another cool week in the life of the Green Girlz! Again, these girls got it good!
Please pray for Cradle of Hope Adoption Center. They are in a real mess, and need every good thought you can send their way.