Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greetings From Paradise!

So my children are inside playing with balloons. Actually they are screaming at each other, since neither one is willing to have the "least amount" of balloons. They grab as many as they can, and try to hold them, one falls from their hands and the other goes running for it....It makes for great competition, and I hear a lot of "Mommy she is not being nice! She hit me!"
But you know what, we are on vacation, I don't have to work, and so what if they scream at each other....There are no neighbors here. In a building of about 50 homes, there are only about 4 families here. Only one owner is here besides my dad, so we are not worried about bothering anyone...

The only downside to this, we will have to come home one day. I don't even want to think about it. This is what our day looks like. We hit the beach in the morning. You would think we would be fried from the sun, but thank goodness for spray suncreen. My girls are not burned, and we are getting just a touch of color each day. Anna is doing a lot of boogie boarding, and diving in the beach. Her Auntie L got her a snorkel, and she taught her how to use it. Auntie was here for our first week. When she is around, we call it "Camp Auntie." Beleive it or not, she was able to find a museum to take my girls to. No matter where we are, she will teach my girls something valuable. She is clearly the best Auntie ever. Anna loves her so much and misses her terribly. They even got a chance to take underwater pictures with a camera Auntie found for her.

AugustRose took to the beach like a champ. She likes the sand, and playing around in it. She runs to the water's edge and plops herself right down. She digs and messes and has a great time. She is not as confident in the water, so she holds me a lot. This is great for our bonding. She has learned to say, "Hold please." Each time she feels unsure of herself, she will yell it out until I get her.

We went over to Captiva for a different beach day. The water was roughish and Anna got a chance to boogie board a whole bunch. The best part of the day was when the IceCream Man came along via a pontoon boat. It was the best. He had all sorts of food and drink and even had a grill for burgers and dogs.

Here is my girl with her treat-treat!

If you wonder where AugustRose is, she was alseep on the beach. Yes, when she is tired she will say "Night Night" and fall asleep on the beach. This day, I was holding her in the ocean and singing her a little song, and she feel asleep. We will be here for another two weeks before we head to Disney World in Orlando. Auntie will meet us there. We can't wait to see the Hughes family too. We will take our million children and hit the Magic Kingdom for a few days before going home.

The only thing about being here that is kind of a bummer, is we missed the Grand Opening of NEW HOPE CHURCH. You may know that we have a Rockin' Church, and after many years on the road, we finally bought property and built a Church. It opened while we were here, and I hear from Berna that it was awesome. I miss everyone from my small group and other dear friends. I hope you are enjoying your summers. Sometimes I am in awe at how good God is to me. All of the rough times in the beginning of AugustRose's adoption are being rewarded now.