Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm back.
I wasn't sure I would keep going with this blog. But I have missed organizing my thoughts and putting it all down.
Firstly, I have just finished the first quarter of teaching. What a rough road. This year has been tough one. The kids are just not ready. I think of all of the reading and work I have put into Anna, and how these parents have done NOTHING to prepare the children for kindergarten. I guess that's what I am for. Mother, Father, Counselor, teacher, everything for them...I am blessed to have a job. I shouldn't complain.

About Anna, she started Kindergarten and is doing well. She flew past the SPRING Pals test and is now in a reading group. She can spell like a dream and her precious teacher loves her as much as I do!!

AugustRose and I just had our 1 year post placement report. She is a real stinker that one. She knows her colors. She can count. But potty training. NO WAY. She pats her crotch and says, I LOVE MY DIAPERS>>>>>

I sent my resume to AAS in Moscow. I know its a real longshot. I have two kids and a mother that will be with me, so I think I may have too much baggage. (Hey, they are not baggage to me, but maybe someone in HR would think so)
If I were to get a job, I would go in a minute. I am doing that thing where you throw something out there and see what sticks.
My calling to Russia has been there since the minute I landed in Moscow 5 years ago. So now that I know I am NOT adopting again, I can try!
Pray that whatever is suppossed to happen will happen!