Friday, November 21, 2008

So today is the day...One year ago, my AugustRose was mine. I had gone to court the day before and on this day I went to her orphanage for the last time to pick her up. She was just coming inside from a play in the snow, and I had to change her into the snowsuit I had brought for her. It was a snow suit that I had purchased in Khabarovsk for Anna. Anna never wore it and neither did my AugustRose. It was too little. I had to try everything I brought to find an outfit to fit my big girl into. She was 18 months old but already so long. Her boots were too little and we ended up leaving most of the clothes at the orphanage for her.
When we left, AugustRose was very scared to get into the car and turned her little face to my chest and held on for dear life. I kept saying HoraShow Nastya...
We got back to the hotel and she met my mom and Anna. It was precious.
Very soon after that, Anna started getting very nervous that AugustRose would get away from us, and would yell, Get her momma, Hold her!
So fast forward to today and the girls got all dressed up to decorate our tree. They wanted it to snow today, but not yet.... We are a true miracle family. I am blessed and thank God everyday for my whole family!!