Friday, December 26, 2008

Cookies, Cameras, and Kit!

After Church the girls and tried for a 2nd time to make cookies. We had all of the stuff, even a rolling pin, and still couldn't make it happen. I swear right now, I will never try to bake from scratch again. The cookies ended up tasting like flat little scones. Hard, like hurt to bite hard, little scone nuggets...So anyway, we ain't bakin from NO MORE....

After that nightmare, the girls opened their one gift. The telescope was big. The Leggos were pretty good too. Since my house is still such a trainwreck, I hid those for a few days. We'll bring them out once I can see the floor on the living room floor~

Lastly, both girls are now into photography and once again, AugustRose hid the camera and so we have about 6 Christmas pictures...Guess how I know she was the one who took it??? She took a picture of her toes but said, NONONO I didn't touch your

And here is Kit Kitredge riding Dora's Flying Pegasus Poney. I can only imagine how ticked poor Dora is.... And now we sleep. Anna with her new doll, AugustRose with her new diet coke can that she has chosen to sleep with, and momma with a backache that just might turn into a real problem...But you know what? It wasn't all craziness and bad photos. There was lots of family, and lots of silliness, just what I like... Tomorrow we continue our Christmas festival with a visit to the GodFamilies house. HELLO hoozez, we're comin' and bringing more nicknacks!!!!