Saturday, December 27, 2008

Are you out there?

So I am back to blogging as much as I can. Sometimes for me, sometimes for a friend, sometimes just because.
I am looking for you adoptive families out there that wouldn't mind linking to my site, and allowing me to link up to you...I have read so many blogs that I love, but now I have none..I am terrible at trying to find blogs out there, so if you happen upon my little home, leave a comment with your blog name and I will add you to the list.
Sometimes I wonder if anyone is out there...


adoptedthree said...

Hi from FRUA feel free to link my two blogs:

One is my Ukraine adoption blog and one is of my kids now.


Annie said...

Well, I just found you and am thinking we have a lot in common. I am at

I ran across your response to Kate that you thought she was talking about you. Hey! I thought she was talking about ME. I really did. I was glad Rachael thought it might have been her.

Washer Mom Val said...

Hi - I'm an adoptive Mom to two wonderful boys and in the process of a girl. We are also a licensed foster home. Like your blog.