Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

So this is Christmas.
I worked yesterday, so today was too busy. Had to run out to the store, and later the girls tried to rest, but only August did. She fell asleep just in time for me to get Anna ready for Church. Anna sang in a children's program tonight for the Children's Event at New Hope. It was the first time that New Hope did this type of program, and it was truly wonderful. Lot's of loud children in the audience, some criers, some screamers. It was awesome. Kids everywhere in their holiday finest. Reindeer ears, santa hats, and again, this is what it is all about.
My grandmother, mom and dad, sister and her friend Marielle, and the girls and I had dinner afterwords. And then came back to my house for one quick present opening. Anna had to open her gift from Auntie. It's a telescope. Not just a little one, this sucker is nice! Nice enough that we are going to leave it over at Auntie's house. I can just imagine AugustRose swinging that big tripod and knocking the windows out!

Santa's gifts are laid out. The girls got American girl dolls. AugustRose got a bitty baby, and Anna got Kit K. She wanted about 5 different dolls and dad decided on this, since it actually looks the most like her. They also got clothes for the dolls, and August got Licorice the cat! We did a few books, and new pjs, and slippers. I will post some photos later.

Right now, I am trying to wrap my head around a few things. First being, I can't beleive that my girls are now 5 1/2 and 2 1/2. Time really flies. It stood still with Anna for such a long time. I think God knew I needed all the joy to come and go slowly. I appreciate that. Now it seems that time has flown by and AugustRose is more than a toddler.

Secondly, I am sad that after all these years, Aunt Carolyn couldn't make it to be with us. I hope she is okay. She would have added some "funny" to tonight.

I am still having those "things" happening. It's not my brain, the MRI was clear. So as I enjoy my holiday I have to wonder what it is. It can't be panic attacks. Not after everything I have been through in my life. That would be too easy. It has to be something else. Maybe the blood work will show something. Anyway, it bothers me.

Have a great holiday.