Monday, December 29, 2008

She BATHED!!!!

So with all of the Christmas Treats that our dear friends gave to us, I was able to get AugustRose into the tub, and she sat down and let me help her wash up.
The back story is that out of the blue, AugustRose decided she hates the tub and won't go near it. I have to stand her up in the tub and wash her really quickly and get her out in a flash. It has been awful, since "tub-time" has always been a good twenty minutes that I can make lunches and get the next days clothes ready for all of us.
So anyway, we have made huge progress with paint, crayons, and foam soap. She is still acting very odd about the tubby, but at least she will sit for a while.
The bathtub looks pretty scary, but hey, I can take it better then a rusty smelling baby!!

Thank you to the Hoozez! My darling AugustRose got in the tub and sat down...

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