Monday, December 29, 2008

Yesterday I did a bit of researching. I was looking at the Novosibirsk Regional Databank site. It is run by a nonprofit but houses vast amounts of information about adoption and foster care in the Novosibirsk region. I decided to look through the forum section. I pulled up my trusty Google Translation tool and began to read. I came across a name I very easily recognized. Someone posted that they were looking for a child that was on the regional databank. They couldn't seem to get any info about the child. The moderator led the poster to some information about how this little gal born in May, just like my gal, had been taken in by a family. But what I know now, she was being adopted by my friend. (J if you read this I will walk you through it)
Anyway, I became curious, and sure enough, there was a post asking about my AugustRose. Obviously they used her given name. (Anastasia) That poster was directed to the magazine where my gal was featured.
Clearly that family was not paper ready. Thank goodness.

This is the page from the magazine. Oops, you will have to go to page 12.
She is on the 2nd row. Third gal. My gal looks so sweet and innocent in her little strawberry dress!
I don't know what happened to the family that was asking about her. I would love to email that person and see if they ever adopted a child or if they became foster parents to a child. I would need more than my trusty Google translator for that!


kate said...

Julianne! I was delighted to get your comment--and find your blog. Please don't think I'm saying that Russia is horrible and that no one should come. Come! Actually, what's your certification? We've got openings in grades 5 and 1 next year...

E-mail me!

(ps Your word verification is "messes".)

Annie said...

I am so glad to run across another Slavophile! That magazine is amazing.... Your daughter's photo is adorable.

Kate! I'm a first rate fifth grade teacher! Certified K-8. But - would the salary support me and my children - even simply? That's the question. (Though now my husband is working in Korea...we have more income....