Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Jelly Beans...

My dear friend taught me this after I came home from Russia. It's a little technique called "Jelly Bean Toes." IT is traditionally done around Easter, but we do it all of the time. You pick several fun pastel colors and paint all of the toes different colors. We use 5 colors and paint each foot the same way... All about preferences.
Not much to report from the Russian school. I haven't heard from the principal yet. I am sure they are looking for teachers with less babies and grannies. It's okay. I am putting my faith in God and letting Him decide where I will be next year.
I will need to start planning for the summer soon. Right now, I am hoping to find a way to Russia to volunteer. Annie, that idea has your name written all over it....I am hoping to contact Shore of Hope to see if they have an opportunity to go to the FarEast!!
Missi, start saving your change. You have a lot of kids to get on that plane!!!


kate said...

You guys better plan to stop by St. P on/after that trip!

I didn't get hired until after they'd found all the couples they could. THEN they looked at singles. The job fairs start soon...

e-mail me if you want!

Annie said...

Wouldn't that be incredible? Wow... I'll feel like you are part of our team here. :)

Just read Kate's note.... My husband is a teacher, wouldn't THAT be amazing??? Though he certainly loves Korea.