Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day!

Today is supposed to be a day of Service. My service is to clean our house..We make an incredible mess in short amount of time. Later today I am going to speak with my Anna about why Martin Luther King was so important. We started the conversation in the driver through the other day she said, we have Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December, what do we have in Janjuary?" (she calls it that) I told her we had Martin Luther King Day. She then asked if we gave presents that day. I tried to explain equality in schools, and how people of color weren't allowed to go to school with Caucasian people. I asked her if she knew anyone who were not her skin color. She mentioned a little girl in her class and her Dadu...(grandfather)
It was hard to explain any further. She doesn't see it completely. The friend that she mentioned is African American. Her grandad is not. So I asked her, "So ____ and Dadu are the same?" She said Yes. My dad is very dark with black hair, so I guess she thinks they are the same...Amazing. Kids at 5 don't really see differences. Wish we were all that lucky.

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Annie said...

I cleaned house, too...getting ready for SW visit described in today's post. VERY intense day of cleaning and alterations. I am sure she didn't appreciate half of it, but I like the cleanliness, personally!!!