Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here is my mom, when she first met AugustRose in Novosbirsk...
Today was a rough day. My mom had to have a carotid artery surgery. She has major blockages on each side and today was only the first of three expected procedures. I had meetings at work, so my sister came down and took Anni to school, and then kept AugustRose for me. After work the girls, my sister and myself went to Fairfax Hospital for what we thought would be a visit and some silliness with mom.
We got directions at the desk and realized as we found our way to mom's floor, that she was in Critical Intensive Care. I had been to this area of the hospital before. It seems like yesterday that I got Bernadette's call. She was telling me that our small group friend Colleen had fallen and was in desperate shape. It was thought that she had lost all brain activity. Upon entering her room we were told that all was lost. She had indeed fallen and had several brain bleeds. They were keeping her alive so that her only child, a daughter in college could arrive.
I cried big fat tears that night thinking of Colleens daughter traveling from college with friends. Thinking that her mom was very sick, but not having any idea that she was gone. This child, this precious gift that Colleen loved so dearly was about to be broken. Colleen had long since divorced and dad was not really in the picture. Colleen and her daughter were like Anna and I. A mother and daughter together against the world. And now, her baby was alone.
Crowds of Church and neighborhood friends had gathered, and this darling girl who was just starting life on her own, would really have to start her life on her own...That night I called my mother to check on Anna, and after hanging up the phone, I decided to adopt again. I couldn't let my Anna be that alone.
My mom's room was right beside where Colleen's room had been. Walking in I realized my mom was in no shape to see my girls, and quickly diverted my sister and girls to the family waiting room. I went in and mom was moaning and groaning. Her neck was very swollen and she was attached to way too many lines of beeping cords and such. My fierce momma wasn't so fierce. She looked quite pitiful. I kept trying to rouse her, and it wasn't happening. All I could gather was that she was going to be sick. Her nurse had already shared that she had been given a nausea medicine but it wasn't helping. It had only made her very loopy. But not the good kind.
I got some ice chips and tried to wet her mouth, and she seemed to respond to that. I tried to get her to talk but got nothing but mumbles and cries. I went out to tell my sis about the situation and Anna wanted to see her. I told my gal that her Poppy was very sleepy and the medicine made it hard to wake up. I snuck Anna in, and she immediately stopped at the curtain. Her little face went white, and I yelled "Poppy, Anni is here."..Bless my mom's heart she managed a mumble and then I took Anni out.
My sister and I took turns going in and out of mom's room. They had made the decision to leave her in that unit for the night. I decided to take the girls home since we couldn't keep sneaking through the main doors.
After I got home my sister called to say that Mom had a coughing attack and the nurses asked her to step out..2 breathing treatments later, and an order for cough drugs my mom developed a headache and her blood pressure was not going down. More meds for that. A bit scary for my sister who is now at the CICU alone. Somewhere near 11:00 pm, the numbers starting evening out and my mom finally stopped groaning and crying. Sis left and I will go in the morning after I take Anna to school.
I trust that she is capable hands but pray for my mom. I couldn't make it without her.


Annie said...

Oh, you poor thing. I will pray for you and your mom today. Especially with that history, I am sure you are feeling really terrified.

It was my brother's death that made me want a bigger family. I am now the only child and that is very hard. No one to turn to for help or comfort, especially in my family where there have never been any cousins or other close relatives. Very lonely.

Let us know how it is going. I'm very worried about you all. Strange how you can connect with people across the mies through these blogs...

Annie said...

I'm still praying - and hoping for an update.

Jen Stevens said...

Praying for your mom and a quick, easy recovery.