Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two Random Clips

I got a new computer a while back and transferred a million unorganized photos from my old computer to my new one...I tend to save the same pictures in separte spots so my poor old Gateway just couldn't handle it. As I moved files, I found a bunch of old clips. Most are the ones Anna took in the bathroom, the car, or of her toys. I came upon these two short little clips of AugustRose playing on the computer. She was 18 month old, and already such a fast learner. I am not sure I have said it lately, but Auggie is a hot mess. She is so complex. Where Anna is a snuggle bug from the start, Auggie needs her space. Where Anna is slow to try new things and tentative about new activities, Aug will jump right in. Such different girls. Such a blessing.


Annie said...

So cute. Watching your children's personalities blossom and come into fruition is the best thing about motherhood.

I mentioned to Natalia last night that you might be contacting them...did you? They are the nicest people.

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

No but I definately will. My dear friend (Missi) works with families to find birth parents, through Mary in Khabarovsk so I am hoping her contacts might be able to find some houses to stay in...I want her to come to Khabarovsk this summer. I would love to put some type of mission trip together. The costs would be high but if we can do some fundraising for Shore of Hope, then maybe they can help us get cheaper rates on things!!
Are you coming???

kate said...

cute new header pic!

kate said...

(and happy the music is off! it makes it much easier to read your blog. ;> )