Friday, January 23, 2009

So it's Friday night and mom is home..
I went to the hospital early on Thursday and she was in her new room sleeping. She was even more swollen on her face. She was sitting up but as soon as I walked in she woke up. I brought her a bottle of Starbucks Frappacino and immediately poured it over ice for her. She had been offered coffee with her breakfast, but she said it was horrible, so I didn't feel like I was giving her anything too awful.
AugustRose was with me, but she was very afraid. Still too many wires and beeps, an tubes. I got in the room by letting her push the bed buttons and watch her "Poppy" go up and down...
Anyway, she was wayyy more clear headed, but her deep cough still required breathing treatments, and the coughing caused her blood pressure to stay high. Her headache was gone, since she had eaten breakfast.
Her neck was sore but she was almost her old self.

We stayed around for a while and then the doctor came in and said that if she could keep her lunch down, she could go home later that day. She ate and felt fine. She had another breathing treatment and got very tired. AugustRose and I went downstairs for some snacks. I had to leave to get Anni, so my sister planned to come over after work.
I left and went home to make a place for mom to rest and sleep, and just before 7, my sister brought my mom over. She had some soup and then went to bed. She had a good night's sleep and then my girls woke her up just in time for a little Blues Clues. She has been sleeping on and off all day. She has a little bit of pain in her neck, but has really done well! She is going to go home tomorrow (she lives across the street) but I may spend the night with her. OH, my dad is here to be with the girls next week. My mom cannot drive for a week. So it's just a big old family reunion!!
Thank you so much for your well wishes! We are all on the mend.


Annie said...

Thanks so much for the report - and I'm so glad it's happy! your new blog look.

Though, I am easily disoriented by blog changes! I think it is a sign of my e-connection to you that I have been able to live through three photo alterations and NOW a completely different look...without becoming dismayed. This is cute - but I liked the others a lot, too.

You've really got me wondering with the button. Were I not living on the edge of unemployment I'd chip in, even without knowing!

julz said...

No no, don't chip in, I want to really have myself together when I do share....
I am a wee bit ADD so I love to change to the blog around. I think I like this one enought to keep it a bit!
Your little gal cracked me up when she asked for a new family! I can see my big girl asking for a new sister!!!