Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Well, I am back at work.
I have a lot of work to do since most of my children haven't spoken English for a week, and have forgotten most of what they knew. I forgot how much I missed a couple of them. One little gal who reminds me of my daughter also lost a tooth. Another little boy who has a twin, is really making some progress. He is a super cutie too.

I also forgot about all of the children who I taught last year who say HEELLllllloooo Ms. Green whenever they see me. If they are close enough I get a hug. They think they are hot stuff now that they are in 1st grade. Stinkers.
They were rock stars. I stayed home on FMLA and they were perfect for my sub. God does that. He gives ya a great class when you will be. He knows how hard it is to find a good long term sub!

I have been trying to be quiet and take everything that Annie is reminding me off. I do need to remember how scared I was when I got food poisoning and thought I was on my death bed, and how I knew 911 was a moment away. (Called my mommie instead) (Yes I am 40)
I need to remember that when Anna had a fever for 3 days that I could cruise by urgent care, to find out she did not have the flu, rather it was strep. Antibiotics were right down the street at the 24 hour CVS. Total time. Less than 3 hours.
When AugustRose broke out into a rash from head to toe when we first got home from Russia. Head to the ER, no insurance card yet, no problem. Come on it lets get her well. Billed later, and then resubmitted it to insurance. The $1000.00 ER visit, later paid by insurance. Amount of effort to deal with it. One phone call to Blue Cross, and one phone call to the hospital...

Maybe I could find a program that would allow me to volunteer for free room and board.
Maybe I could stay with Anna and work in an orphanage in Khabarovsk...Missi, let's consider that!

Okay. I will think some more and then think some more!


Annie said...

It was exciting for me to hear you adopted from Khabarovsk! That's where our Russian teacher is from, and she and her husband have a foundation that does a lot of volunteer work there - Shore of Hope. Natalie is wonderful.

Now, if only my kids were from Khabarovsk, I could be in Russia and only a hop and skip from my husband! But Ivanovo is a world away...close to Moscow.

Hm... You made me think. I hadn't thought of those things... I'll meditate on what might distress me in my dream scenario.

kate said...

We do have "Western-trained" doctors at two or three clinics here. One of them is the person who Rx'd peach oil to be put up by nose. I was so sick I did it. It didn't help.

We all try really hard not to get sick!

But, the clinics in Moscow may be completely different.

I go in and say, "I'm an American. We don't do that in America. (Like, oh, sucking all the gunk out of your sinuses.) I'd rather have an antibiotic, please."

Bring *lots* of otc meds in your shipment!

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

Peach oil in the nose, NO thank you. But I do irrigate my nasal passages with salt water when i have a headache. I does help!!!

SHORE OR HOPE...I remember seeing that website ages ago...And then I forgot the name of it..I did wonder if it was legit or not.I am thrilled to see it is! Maybe I should look into it.
I usually spend the summer in Florida, but I need to stop getting so much sun!
Khabarovsk would be magical in the summer!

Jen Stevens said...

See now working in an orphanage in Khabarovsk is MY dream.
Of course I have a hubby who says he'd never survive without Mountain Dew, lol.