Saturday, February 28, 2009

This is a FarEast Prayer

As of Saturday, about 10 families are either in or almost in the FarEast. Many are BOH 2007 families going to finalize there adoptions. Part of me is jealous that I am not one of them, but a bigger part of me hopes and prays that all goes well for those families. My request is that you pray for those families. Pray that the children have easy transitions. Pray that those families find an absolute love for the FarEast and Pray that all goes well on their return trips home.

As for me, I am just investigating options of other schools in Moscow that might have openings for an experienced teacher. I realize that all of this is a dream of mine, and I have to pursue it. If it turns out that I don't get a job now, then I accept that with my whole heart. I could use prayer on this. I don't want to force my dream onto my parents. (Who would take turns coming to Moscow)

And a note about my parents.
I was at school sharing that I am still pursuing jobs in Russia, most of my friends said, "What will your parents do?" They all know how attached my parents are to my girls. I shared that they would take turns coming over for a couple of months. So many said how great that is. I guess I don't say it enough. I adore my parents. We are so close that they would literally move half-way around the world to be with us...
So mom and dad, I love you. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving my dreams.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Maybe He Really Does Open Windows...

So maybe there are other ways of getting to Russia for a while. Maybe AAS isn't the only option. I trusted that it was the only option since the State Department refers families to it. But honestly, maybe other schools are worth a second look. I just might take that second look. Or third.
I am still in denial that I won't get a raise next year. Even though my coworker is the VP of the union in our county and has all but promised me we won't, and let me know to get ready for even more students... So why work this hard, get paid this little, and not even get to find one decent bowl of borsht.
Stay tuned!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Catching Up!

So this is what it's all about...I wake up this morning on a school holiday and see my big girl working away on the computer...Webkinz is now officially an obsession..I love the site. We are working on an "Outside Area" for Allie the Pug and each fence section costs about 35.00.
we were leaving Church Sunday there is a big home with a white fence around the back yard. Anna says, "Mommy that must have cost a lot more than $35.00 for each part of that fence." Everyday Economics...
And as for our Mr. Dave who magically helped make my wireless world happen , I think I want my girls to start calling you "Uncle Dave." I love you Hoozez so much. My girls have a grandpa, and we need an uncle and another Aunt. Maybe we should all talk about being God-Cousins....
How does "Aunt Mis" sound?
BTW, I still prefer that my Hooze babies still call me Fairy Godmother!!!

And as for little AugustRose, she lays in her bed and watches her favorite show, Little Einsteins!

They are so delicious in the morning...They are the best Valentines a mom could ever want!!!

And I had to post another one of Anna in her tub, doing what she does best, acting silly. I could not love that face anymore if you paid me.

And look at this beautiful one. She is 2 1/2 and answers my cell phone with ease. This was a call from Auntie, but she couldn't be bothered for too long since her favorite person in the world was making some sort of treat for her...HER DADUSHKA. She asks about you everyday dad. And you forgot your glasses. Should I send them to you?

It's about time to tell everyone that my dad may need an intervention. HE THINKS when he moves here that the girls are going to live WITH HIM. Watch out DADUSHKA, I have my spies watching you...YOU can't have 'em!!! :)

As for my lovely day, I had a mammogram. That was followed by a bone density scan, followed by a thyroid check and blood work. I rounded out the day at the Spine Doctor who gave me about 7 shots in my lower back and both hip joints. I think my back feels better, but because I had to take 2 Valium just before the injections, I am not exactly how I feel!!

I am most happy that I got to get so much done in one day. I get my crowns at some point this week. Anna has swim Tuesday and Thursday, so I may be at the oral surgeon on Friday! Man it is tough getting old!

I owe Laurie and Christy PHONE CALLS, I know!!!
Lee, we need to plan a summer trip. I say we go to Vegas with the kids and my dad. AND YES, Jetson HAS to go. Start thinking about that.

Bernadette I miss you so much. Please, lets plan a day to go eat. Just the 5 of us...
And Jenny, I miss you too. I want to sit down with you and go over a million things!

And for all of my blogger friends. I have been reading. I just haven't slowed down to respond a lot! I hope you all had a great Valentines Day!!!


Many of you know that I adopted from Russia's Far East. I met my best friend during our processes. We follow the families religeouly, and when COH last its permit to work, several families who hosted in the summer of 2007 were left to wait and wonder. Well today, the families are all getting their calls of their court dates...Missi, adopted her son from the same home that all of the girls are coming from. Actually they were all in the same groupa together. Missi has a photo of all 13 children, and as of the end of the month, ALL of those children are finding families in America. I will have to post that! I don't know any of the families personally, but I know of their children through photos. Ruth, I can't wait to meet you and your little gal one day!

The BOH children from 2008 are steadily getting court dates since Biro tends to move quickly, or I should say quicker than Khabarovsk. I am so happy for all the families. I wish them all nothing but the best!

Monday, February 09, 2009

A Few Tears for What Coulda Been

I heard from the principal in St. Petersburg. He has already hired two teachers for the positions that were available. He wished me well.
For some reason, this made me cry just a bit. My dream to go back to Russia has always been based on getting a legitimate job. After researching the internet for 2 years, I only felt confident in AAS.
My intention was purely selfish and selfless. I wanted my girls to know that their mommy loves their home country enough to give them just a bit more time there. Time with a family and time where they were loved.
Now that this is really over, I am so let down. Somehow I feel unrealisticly rejected. The selfish part of me wanted to get away from students whose parents don't seem to care, get away from a job with no raise or step increase. The selfish part of me wanted to hear the language and remember the culture. To hear the sound the snow makes when its stepped on for the 1000th time.
God closes doors for a reason. I get it. But today, I realize that I wanted That door to be open.
I will have to do some serious praying tonight. Tonight, I don't want to look for the window,
tonight I am gonna shed "a few tears for what could been..."

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bye Bye Button!

I took down the PayPal button. Good thing I didn't ask for donations to this. I lost my debit card for the 1000th time, and got a new one. My PayPal was connected to the old one. Anyway, I got it straight, but for now there won't be any donating. The 3moms are getting it all together, and when we go legit, we will start begging for some change!!!!

Not much news....My back is hurting, my girls are sleeping. Maybe it's time or a muscle relaxer.
Night Night!

Monday, February 02, 2009

It's Happening....

About three years ago, Missi and I thought we wanted to start a non-profit. Instead, each of us adopted another baby. We both are in a place where we know we are not adopting again. I am sure of this. Missi on the other hand, just might do it again.
(Missi. She has 5 children. Two bio, three adopted. They are all my Godchildren. I love them so much. We treat them like cousins since both of our families live far away from the real cousins. Missi is a SAHM and despite what some think on FRUA, we are best friends. Missi's hubbie needs a bit more time to be convinced that one more, making 6, would be the next logical step.)

So the conversation about starting a charity has been on hold for a while. We have always wanted to go back to Khabarovsk. Missi stayed very close to one of our translators and she even came to visit a while back. We both feel cofident that we can raise money for the children who are left behind. We were hoping to take a mission trip this summer, but realized that we could not ask for donations unless we started the non-profit. SOoo, today the first step in a long series of steps happened. I have found an agency that will assist us in filing all of the required paperwork and today I signed the contract to get the ball rolling. I have a short list of questions to answer and then I will need to get together with the others to work on our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

The paperwork stage should take several weeks. Once my agency approves everything, they will send the final documents to me and I will send it off to the State of Virginia and the IRS. That part will take the longest. After submitting, the wait for an answer will take about 5 or 6 months. They good part is that we can accept donations in the name of the non-profit once we have our Articles of Incorporation and an EIN number. That should be a couple of months.
I am so thrilled that we can actually start to brainstorm different ideas on fundraising.
Today is a great day!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

After All of My Hard Work, This??

I mess up as a parent all of the time. I am a messy housekeeper, I can't cook very well, and I secretly give my children diet coke. But one thing I know I do very well, is that I have kept them young. I haven't dressed them in super fashion forward clothes, I tend to go with bright colorful shirts and pants. (There are no cheeky t-shirts with innapropriate sayings) I haven't peirced their ears, nor do they get to anytime soon. My girls are not allowed to watch the news, Hanna Montana, Spongebob, or any of the "action figure" type cartoons. They are closely watched where this is concerned...
Again, I can mess up a lot. I am not super parent. The one thing I think they will know, is that life is fun, and mommy loves them. It makes me think of a song about children staying young

So having my daughter come to me and say, "Mommy I am FreeBalling tonight." mortified me. She had gone to swim class in her bathing suit so when it was time to get dressed, her auntie didn't have any undies to put on her. So Auntie, my wild sister taught her that when you go without underwear it is called the before mentioned, FREEBALLING. Are you kidding me? I almost fell out of my chair when my sweet little 5 year old told me this. I couldn't help but laugh just a little. But this is just the kind of thing we have never done. Thanks Auntie, I think I might buy you a puppy and feed it bunches of greens and caffeine and send it to your house!!