Monday, February 16, 2009


Many of you know that I adopted from Russia's Far East. I met my best friend during our processes. We follow the families religeouly, and when COH last its permit to work, several families who hosted in the summer of 2007 were left to wait and wonder. Well today, the families are all getting their calls of their court dates...Missi, adopted her son from the same home that all of the girls are coming from. Actually they were all in the same groupa together. Missi has a photo of all 13 children, and as of the end of the month, ALL of those children are finding families in America. I will have to post that! I don't know any of the families personally, but I know of their children through photos. Ruth, I can't wait to meet you and your little gal one day!

The BOH children from 2008 are steadily getting court dates since Biro tends to move quickly, or I should say quicker than Khabarovsk. I am so happy for all the families. I wish them all nothing but the best!


Annie said...

That is tremendous news!!! Our region will no longer allow hosting unfortunately. What do COH and BOH stand for?

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

COH=Cradle of Hope (my adoption agency.

BOH=THe hosting program they offer.
The chidlren will only come from Biro this year!