Monday, February 02, 2009

It's Happening....

About three years ago, Missi and I thought we wanted to start a non-profit. Instead, each of us adopted another baby. We both are in a place where we know we are not adopting again. I am sure of this. Missi on the other hand, just might do it again.
(Missi. She has 5 children. Two bio, three adopted. They are all my Godchildren. I love them so much. We treat them like cousins since both of our families live far away from the real cousins. Missi is a SAHM and despite what some think on FRUA, we are best friends. Missi's hubbie needs a bit more time to be convinced that one more, making 6, would be the next logical step.)

So the conversation about starting a charity has been on hold for a while. We have always wanted to go back to Khabarovsk. Missi stayed very close to one of our translators and she even came to visit a while back. We both feel cofident that we can raise money for the children who are left behind. We were hoping to take a mission trip this summer, but realized that we could not ask for donations unless we started the non-profit. SOoo, today the first step in a long series of steps happened. I have found an agency that will assist us in filing all of the required paperwork and today I signed the contract to get the ball rolling. I have a short list of questions to answer and then I will need to get together with the others to work on our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

The paperwork stage should take several weeks. Once my agency approves everything, they will send the final documents to me and I will send it off to the State of Virginia and the IRS. That part will take the longest. After submitting, the wait for an answer will take about 5 or 6 months. They good part is that we can accept donations in the name of the non-profit once we have our Articles of Incorporation and an EIN number. That should be a couple of months.
I am so thrilled that we can actually start to brainstorm different ideas on fundraising.
Today is a great day!!


Jen Stevens said...

Today is a REALLY great day!!

kate said...

Very exciting!

Annie said...

Yes! How great!

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

filled out the application, several times....Waiting on the interview with the company who is helping us with this!!