Monday, February 16, 2009

Catching Up!

So this is what it's all about...I wake up this morning on a school holiday and see my big girl working away on the computer...Webkinz is now officially an obsession..I love the site. We are working on an "Outside Area" for Allie the Pug and each fence section costs about 35.00.
we were leaving Church Sunday there is a big home with a white fence around the back yard. Anna says, "Mommy that must have cost a lot more than $35.00 for each part of that fence." Everyday Economics...
And as for our Mr. Dave who magically helped make my wireless world happen , I think I want my girls to start calling you "Uncle Dave." I love you Hoozez so much. My girls have a grandpa, and we need an uncle and another Aunt. Maybe we should all talk about being God-Cousins....
How does "Aunt Mis" sound?
BTW, I still prefer that my Hooze babies still call me Fairy Godmother!!!

And as for little AugustRose, she lays in her bed and watches her favorite show, Little Einsteins!

They are so delicious in the morning...They are the best Valentines a mom could ever want!!!

And I had to post another one of Anna in her tub, doing what she does best, acting silly. I could not love that face anymore if you paid me.

And look at this beautiful one. She is 2 1/2 and answers my cell phone with ease. This was a call from Auntie, but she couldn't be bothered for too long since her favorite person in the world was making some sort of treat for her...HER DADUSHKA. She asks about you everyday dad. And you forgot your glasses. Should I send them to you?

It's about time to tell everyone that my dad may need an intervention. HE THINKS when he moves here that the girls are going to live WITH HIM. Watch out DADUSHKA, I have my spies watching you...YOU can't have 'em!!! :)

As for my lovely day, I had a mammogram. That was followed by a bone density scan, followed by a thyroid check and blood work. I rounded out the day at the Spine Doctor who gave me about 7 shots in my lower back and both hip joints. I think my back feels better, but because I had to take 2 Valium just before the injections, I am not exactly how I feel!!

I am most happy that I got to get so much done in one day. I get my crowns at some point this week. Anna has swim Tuesday and Thursday, so I may be at the oral surgeon on Friday! Man it is tough getting old!

I owe Laurie and Christy PHONE CALLS, I know!!!
Lee, we need to plan a summer trip. I say we go to Vegas with the kids and my dad. AND YES, Jetson HAS to go. Start thinking about that.

Bernadette I miss you so much. Please, lets plan a day to go eat. Just the 5 of us...
And Jenny, I miss you too. I want to sit down with you and go over a million things!

And for all of my blogger friends. I have been reading. I just haven't slowed down to respond a lot! I hope you all had a great Valentines Day!!!


Anonymous said...

We would love for the girls to call us Uncle and Auntie. We never get to hear that on our end. We just love them to death. Tell your Dad to buy in STAFFORD!

Annie said...

Darling photos! All my kids have godcousins.

Sounds like a miserable day, but satisfying since you accomplished a lot!

You must have a week off from school, lucky thing!

Tanya said...

What beautiful children you have, God Bless