Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Invite To All Adoptive Families...

This looks much prettier when I rec'd it from COH.....

Under the Gracious Patronage
of His Excellency,
The Ambassador of the Russian Federation,
Hon. Sergey Kislyak and
Mrs. Natalia Kislyak
You are cordially invited to
attend the
15th Annual Children’s Easter
Saturday, April 4, 2009
From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
At the Russian Embassy Compound
2645 Tunlaw Road, NW
Washington, D.C.
Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids
Followed by a Musical Performance
Easter Celebration Sponsored by Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, Inc.
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________
E-mail: ____________________________________
______adults x $10 ___________________
______children X $4 + ___________________
Tax-deductible donation + __________________
Total Enclosed = __________________
Please return the bottom portion of this
sheet with a check made payable to
Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, Inc. by
March 23, 2009.
Mail to:
Cradle of Hope Adoption Center
Attn: Easter Party
8630 Fenton Street, Suite 310
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Visit to the Jesus Store

On the rare occasion that I end up at the bank with my girls, we usually make a stop at the Christian Book Store. Not that I buy books. I haven't read a study guide since AugustRose came home. But there are always some good finds for the girls and some pretty neat treats for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.
Today I had a mission. My friend had given Anna and Mother and Daughter Devotional and I loved it. Simple stories with a few questions at the end. We read this when Anna was 4 and again just after she turned 5. She is just beginning to understand how God is everywhere, yet within her, that he was Jesus and now he is the trinity. I wanted to get another devotional for little gals.

Okay you know what? I am still learning this myself. I went to Church as a child and would always, always, feel the calling to go up front during the "All to Thee my Blessed Savior, I Surrender all" song but somehow felt embarrassed. I remember it very clearly. I felt my parents would yank me back to my pew and give me the "ugly eye." I am not sure why I felt that way. They were in the Church with me. They must have wanted me to develop my relationship with the Lord. But I was in 2nd grade when I had those desires. I saw the adults walking up and I desperately wanted to go with them and tell my preacher that I wanted to be part of the group going to Heaven, that I wanted to be good and honest and do nice things for others. I never did.
Not too long after these feelings started, my family moved to a chicken farm in the middle of nowhere and my dad never had the time to get us to Church, so for a good 10 years I really didn't think about my faith. (And yes I lived on a chicken farm...)
In high school and college I was absolutely BUCK WILD. Drinking, partying, boys, all of it. I was a parent's nightmare. But if I happened to stumble into a Church, I would always cry. I never allowed too much time in that space. I wasn't ready to give up on the party.
So fast forward to a really horrible marriage and infertility, when a coworker invited me to a women's retreat. I secretly thought it was a cult. But I drove my own car, so I knew I could wiggle out of any weirdness...
I gave my life back to God that weekend..I was ready to recieve what the women were giving me..
Sadly the marriage didn't last. (Okay not that sadly, he was a sociopathe-not judging, just being honest) Then the adoption option came along.

Fast forward again to today at the Jesus store and they had a Webkinz there. It was a lamb. Of course Anni wanted to know why they only had the lamb. I really couldn't explain that Jesus is compared to the sacrificial lamb from wayyyy back. So I tried to explain that it has nothing to do with the Easter Bunny, and that we could share more later. Tonight we read our new Princess Bedtime Devotional and I tried to explain that Jesus had been killed on a cross. He was willing to die for us. So that we could be better. I then tried to explain that wayyyy back lambs were sacrificed to honor God. She wanted to cry. I tried to explain that it was to make God happy.

What a hard thing to explain to a 5 year old. We prayed together, and she remembered to say, "I hope you have a good rest tonight." It is still hard for her to say her prayers to God and not to me. We are getting there though.
I need to get back to my small group. I need to get faster answers to the tough questions. Sometimes Google just doesn't get it done!
So for any of you moms out there, how did I do?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Real Green Girlz

Normally, I try to keep my girls looking all put together, but on the days that we stay home, we all dress like a "hot mess." Mostly long t-shirts for the girls and sweats for me. Normally we would never allow ourselves to be photographed this way but the girls were so excited to go outside and play that they dressed themselves and out we went. I had to DRAG AugustRose back into the house to put shorts on her little self. She was in a shirt and pull-ups!

Anna was learning to ride her bike without her training wheels. She did it~! She still can't turn very well so she crashes into the bushes a lot. August runs behind her and I just watch with tears in my eyes. This girl is growing up so fast! We are still loving our wireless internet. The girls are now hooked on,, webkinz, and American girl.

AugustRose on the other hand loves her fingernail polish. She sorts them, lines them up, puts them in order, groups them. We paint her toes then she immediately puts her little fingers on them and smudges them. If I want them to be nice, I do it in her sleep. Please forgive my sexy sick voice. It's cold and flu season and I just keep getting a bug that settles in my throat~

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This is for you Kate

Okay, weird morning...
When I was adopting Anna, I went outside and saw a dove on my fence. I just happened to look up on my trellis and see a nest. I looked inside and there were two baby doves. I saw it as a sign. Not too long after that I got my court date. The next year the dove was back.
Today we heard noises in our ceiling at school. We thought it was a rat or squirrel..It was very loud and moved quickly. The custodian looked up and saw that it was a bird and a baby bird. They were trying to get to each other and escape...
The mother bird somehow broke through the ceiling and was flying around my room. The baby ended up in my coworkers class.
We got the kids out and opened all of our windows and the birds were free.

Kate, your little bird is on its way to you. Soon, I just know it.
Maybe not today, but very soon and before the spring......

Edited during the weekend...

Yes there were more birds. My coworker ended up with another bird in her class. So that is two birds and my big bird!
BUT, there are now lots of birds... At least 10 birds ended up in our wing...So NOW, I think not only will Kate find her little chickadees, but hopefully other families will too!
The county came in and repaired the holes in the roof so there shouldn't be anymore birds in our rooms. I think my favorite is a 1st grade teacher had a bird lift the ceiling tile, poke his little head through, and then wiggle out and begin flying around her room. It made its way to her teacher area and pooped on her desk. (That teaacher is 7 months pregnant) As she was trying to shoo it away, it flew into the hall, worked it's way down the hall and ended up in the room of another teacher. It pushed the ceiling tile UP and got back into the ceiling!!