Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Real Green Girlz

Normally, I try to keep my girls looking all put together, but on the days that we stay home, we all dress like a "hot mess." Mostly long t-shirts for the girls and sweats for me. Normally we would never allow ourselves to be photographed this way but the girls were so excited to go outside and play that they dressed themselves and out we went. I had to DRAG AugustRose back into the house to put shorts on her little self. She was in a shirt and pull-ups!

Anna was learning to ride her bike without her training wheels. She did it~! She still can't turn very well so she crashes into the bushes a lot. August runs behind her and I just watch with tears in my eyes. This girl is growing up so fast! We are still loving our wireless internet. The girls are now hooked on,, webkinz, and American girl.

AugustRose on the other hand loves her fingernail polish. She sorts them, lines them up, puts them in order, groups them. We paint her toes then she immediately puts her little fingers on them and smudges them. If I want them to be nice, I do it in her sleep. Please forgive my sexy sick voice. It's cold and flu season and I just keep getting a bug that settles in my throat~

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Annie said...

So sweet - looks like fun!

BTW - you find the opportunity and I'll happily tell them we have a better offer! I'm still thinking of you well understand!