Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dear Family and Friends...

Here are the gilrs cologing eggs, the kids said, "These are real eggs, what do we do with them?"

Have you ever had one of those few days when the stars line up and all is right in the world? Well we are in the midst of those days right now.
We had our special visit from Laurie and Tanner, then mom's surgery went off pretty well, my dad already got our tickets to Florida, we had our Easter Egg Hunt with Missi and Dave and the family, and my girls are simply magical. AugustRose has been a bit fussy today, but just kept saying "Hold me Momma." Seems odd that with my broken down back, I would want to hear those words, but the longer AugustRose is home, the better we bond.

She has always loved my dad. Looking back, it should have been a sign in the orphanage when she went to him immediately. She let him hug and squeeze her and play. Anna was momma's shy, unsure baby and only wanted me. Anyway, AugustRose is her Dadu's girl and everyone knows it. But I will do when he is not around. She is holding my clothes when we walk together, holding my hand when we sit, and whenever she rests, she wants me to Pap-pap her back...

The past week has been so great to be together. Lots of random kisses, lots of sleeping together and lots of new words. Augusts' newest phrase is "Actually no." When I ask her something, and then she changes her mind this is what she says.

Another new one, is "My My My" when something is funny and silly. Anna will do something crazy and August will say this.

We got to spend a bit of time with our "play cousins" and enjoyed seeing Hadley too. Kim's girls came along for our egg hunt and seemed to enjoy being with everyone. Kim is pregnant and I think the girls are little unsure of how to deal with it.

New Hope was amazing. The outdoor service was very good, and the children loved it!

The youth band played and they really rocked it out. The leaders Miss Stefanie and Paster Jim did a great job on Friday and today at re-telling the story many different ways so that Anna left Church understanding that today is a happy day since it is the day the Jesus came back to life. This is the day that He became our Savior as Noone else has done this before Him.

We don't do a big lunch with friends. Today we came home and I made Pizza for the girls and added strawberries and blueberries for their desert! This made me the best mom ever as they both love all berries.

So now, the rest. And momma has to go back to work tomorrow, and I will rest too.

Our first egg hunt...With the people we love so much, the Hughes, Bakers, and Kim's girls!

Anna at Black Out Friday at New Hope Church, Friday night...Notice the boy in the background..

Here is Anni with her white eggs after Church...

Here are both girlies, loving their loot from there 2nd egg hunt.

And of course AugustRose being silly with her eggs!


kate said...

Actually, YES! It sounds like an amazing, magical day.


kate said...

btw, I *loved* your Elaine impersonation. ;>

Any chance of a visit to Russia in the next two years?