Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We painted the eggs.We did the egg hunt. We went to Good Friday service. The Easter Bunny came. Now we are up and enjoying our time together. We are about to get on our Sunday finest, (not actually, at our New Hope we are wearing all white as a follow up to Black Out Friday...White Wash Sunday)
Then it will be back to the real world.

I have been on Spring Break this weak and it has been a bit hectic, but I loved my time with the girls even if we were on the go. I have to say that my girls have become quite the little travelers, loving their time being "out and about."

Promise to post some photos of the past couple of days!


kate said...

Happy Easter! It sounds like you had a great week. Can you believe we have to go back tomorrow?

kate said...

hey--wanted to e-mail you, but lost your address. Send it to me when you have a chance. Nothing exciting--just wanted to check on you. only k8 at yahoo dot com

Annie said...

Funny... at our [Catholic] Church I was noticing how even random parishioners are tending more and more to wear red on Good Friday...that is one of the very few days of the year when the vestments and hangings are red, for the Passion. I doubt anyone would get away with telling people what to wear for Easter, though.

I am delightedly anticipating one more day off. Sort of.

Not from Koreans, still have to do that 2-4, and not from some parish work (have a baptism class at 11), BUT the children have Bright Monday off - so the pressure is off for one more day!