Monday, April 20, 2009

Kindie Pals

My Anna has a little friend in her class that she tends to play with. She is almost as cute as my little one...Just for clarity, MINE IS THE ONE WITH THE BLACK EYES! They ended up with the same winter hat, and Mrs. Hall, Anna's most precious, lovely, wonderful, amazing, teacher caught them on the playground one day and took this! I think it perfectly captures my girls kindergarten experience. How lucky am I?
Some parents end up with teachers who seem to well, not like kids.But Anna's teacher is one of those gals who really seems to like children. Because of this, my girl is reading on a first grade level, writes pretty great stories, and can count for days.

As for my AugustRose, we started to talk about her birthday today in the car and she said, "Oh no, no, no, and no." Then we giggled and she told us she didn't want to talk about birfdays. We laughed and laughed at her. She is a stitch that one!!

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kate said...

And WHY does your little missy not want a birthday?

LOVE that gorgeous picture of your gorgeous girl! And her friend is cute, too. ;>