Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playing Around...

After a million different backgrounds, title pics, and layouts, I am going with this one. The key is finding something that reps the "Sunny" "Sunhsine" aspect of the blog. My daughter came home and I think I must have belted out, 'You Are My Sunshine'a gagillion times. My girls light up my world. Their giggles give me actual warmth like the sun. I am a wee bit ADD and love to change and play around with this type of thing so seeing all of the options was a true hurdle for me...
I want to keep the layout simple enough to be easy to read! I think K had mentioned that the songs were distracting, and now that I go to a friends blog everyday, (one with music) I get it..The song is important to the writer, but not so much for the reader!!
I write the way I speak, sort of all over the place. I need as little distractions as possible!

Today's plan,
get AugustRose 4 passport photos for her US passport
get Anna 6 pictures for her Russian passport renewal, Can you beleive it? (2 photos for her registration update.The Russian Embassy still has our old address)

Then on to a little festival in our town. There will be a petting zoo...Wonder if there will be pigs!!

I am playing around with my layout..It' true Kate, the photos are sort of greenish blue!
I am going to look for some new ways to fix that!!


kate said...

SO pretty--clean and crisp and fresh!

I really do like the new header.

kate said...

Unsolicited opinion, which you are welcome to ignore: I like the sunrise better than the sunflowers. But I wish your pix were bigger. You guys are the most important thing about your blog!

kate said...

I LOVE it! It looks great--and your girls look so sunny. ;>

Audrey said...

I like your background - very pretty color! Just found you through Christine's blog - your girls are exquisite! Nice to 'meet' you. :)

Annie said...

I think I like the header you had when I first met your blog...but it WAS wintery, so I suppose that won't work...I like the sun, too -but also this one. The charm in this one is the background!

Yes; I do not like blog music because often I am already listening to BBC radio via computer as I visit blogs - and the two together is just horrid!