Sunday, May 17, 2009

AugustRose's Birthday at Build a Bear!

Saturday was AugustRose's 3rd Birthday. We had a small party for her at Build a Bear. It was loads of fun. Well, the other girls had lots of fun. AugustRose still gets very nervous in situations like this. She was stuck to my dad the whole time. I initially thought I would pick out her bear and its clothes. But happily, when we were doing the party, she picked out the panda. I was pleased that she wasn't nervous about that part at least. She has come so far in her attatchment, and in new settings wants to be close to family. Lately she wants to be held...With my horrible back I can't do it. But my dad can hold her for days.
Here are the best group of little girls in the world. You can see our dear friend Hadley holding AugustRose. She is so good with my girl!

And here is AugustRose's final bear. She is wearing a cute little happy birthday shirt and my mom got her a little jean skirt and shoes! Can you beleive the things people will sell....Actually my mom said this whole thing was ridiculous then she spend half and hour finding shoes and this skirt! It was a fun day. We ended up at McDonalds for happy meals and cupcakes. (no, there are no photos of the cupcakes....)


Melissa said...

You better get to work on Anna's bday cake. You are slacking!!!! WE had the best time yesterday. The girls can't wait to take the bears to NYC. I'm looking forward to the trip because I NEED to get away.

kate said...

What a fun day! Kisses to the birthday girl. xxxx

Anonymous said...

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