Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Just stopping in to say, I am tired. My kindergarten is going on a field trip on Thursday and on Friday, I am taking the day off to go to Anni's school for a mother's day event. Again I am so tired lately. Weirdly tired. I am having some bloodwork done since my back doctor is concerned that I have arthritis in both hip joints, and it is severe in equal values on both sides. Lupus? Probably not. But the bloodwork will rule out any auto immune disorder that acts on joints this way. I am in a good deal of pain at different points in the day, but I swear it is my back that hurts. And I have an MRI to prove my L4 and L5 are blown out. Old and out of shape? Certainly.

SOAR is on its way. We are trying to find ways to reach out and BEG for money. We want to keep this word of mouth, and from the heart...If you are reading this and want to donate to our mission, please email me or leave a comment and I will send the banking info.


Annie said...

I'm so sorry.....but I certainly know what you mean. I am exhausted. And depressed. I'd just love to go to bed and cry until I went to sleep for about twelve hours...then I'm sure I could look on things differently. But - that's just one of those luxuries you give up when you have children. It is stiff upper lip time! I hope you can make it through! My husband has back issues, too, and I know how burdensome that can be.... My prayers are with you.

Annie said...

I was just looking at your sidebar....and I'm so sorry! You are mistaken! Ivanovo is the most beautiful city in the world!