Thursday, May 14, 2009

I follow several blogs, and it seems many of us are feeling about the same. Sort of overwhelmed with the business of life, and a whole lot "let down" by our employment.
I too am in that space.
Everyday I bust out of school as soon as my last student leaves, and get home to be with my girls by 4 pm. It is a fast drive if I leave right at 3:30 everyday. This allows me to take Anna to swimming twice a week, and ballet once a week. I have already gathered the schedules and next year, all of her classes will be a bit earlier and I will cut it pretty close to get there. AugustRose will begin preschool and take her special classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the day. Mom will take her to those classes.
As you know the school systems are allocated their money for the budget based on taxes. And folks, this area is really struggling. We were introduced to the idea that we would not be getting our COLA or step increases earlier in the year, but honestly I have been in denial about that. But very recently we learned that our bell schedule would change and we would be starting school 30 minutes later. WHAT?
This means I will be on the 3rd worst American commute right during rush hour. There won't be any chance to get Anna to any of her special classes. I don't want to be out of the house until 5:30...I am now more determined to make a change. This new information was given to us AFTER transfair, so those of us who may want to make a change are now left to scurry around and find teaching jobs without the assistance of our county. These kind of moves are somewhat frowned upon and looked at as "under the table."
I am terribly upset. I don't want to leave my school unless its to go to Russia. I am looking into many different avenues, but wanted to spend a week in Russia in late January begging for jobs. How can I do that at a brand new school? So I am praying that this bell schedule change will be voted down by the parents...
Pray for a wee bit of direction for this wayward soul. I am feeling like a lost little lamb.

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kate said...

If you change schools, do you lose seniority? Would you be bottom of the totem pole, last-hired-first-fired? If so, tough it out.

I so hear you about the start times! We changed ours a couple years ago so that it was thirty minutes earlier and I was so glad! It gives you more of a life after school.

I hope the vote goes your way!