Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It is amazing when I think how quickly our adopted children pick up cues and language. I am forever looking at old clips and found this one. Anna is singing her "I'm A Nut" song and at one point you have to click your mouth and tap your head. Notice how AugustRose does it before Anna does...She had only been home less than a month!

She even lays on the ground the way you do when you start the song.. Just nutty how fast they catch up! After seeing so much negativity about healthy referrals, I want to remind everyone what happens with some "good lovin" and better eats!! AugustRose was sort of a mess in the orphanage and had a speech delay. She was very distant and wouldn't make eye contact. I worried about she would react to the "newness of family" while still in Russia. Gladly those thoughts were fleeting. So those who worry about the health of the children, please do your homework, and don't look at them now, think about them as you would a "fixer upper" insert (car, home, antique) I kid of course!

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