Sunday, May 31, 2009


Am I weird? Or is it odd to professionally photograph a child in their bathing suit? I love "kids on the beach" photos, since they are real, they are actually at the beach, but I just ran across some photos of a child at a photo session and in their bathing suit..Weird to me.
I am shameless with the bath tub shots, but always telling the girls, "cover your boobies" since there are some serious perves out there..And those shots are naturally happening. What would be the reason to fake a summer day by the ocean or pool?

Another one I think is odd, is to put adult fashions on the bitsy witsy age children. Some of the chidlren in my class come in looking like mini versions of their older sisters. It's bizarre that parents think it is cute to sex a baby up...Ooooh.

I guess to each his own. And in the next few months you will see my babies in their swimming suits a whole bunch, but I promise we will be on the beach. No fake sunsets, no fake waterways, it's all realllll baby!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo glad to hear you say this! I also am a little weary of the bare feet thing. In babies its adorable. Big ole feet, croked toe pics on older kids/adults....not so cute! I don't get it, we don't dress up and go barefoot anywhere, but in a studio.

Annie said...

I agree! One of the more disturbing photos I saw (shown me by the proud mom) was her daughter's first communion've seen the sort of thing, pristine white lace dress, veil. Usually, the girls are standing primly, hands together as in prayer. THIS child had been posed like a turn-of-the-century bar wench, lying on her side, propped up on her was weird! No one EVER gets into THAT position in their first communion dress without getting in trouble!