Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday's List

First I want to say that I love Saturdays. The dyevochkas are always up bright and early, and there is that noise that silly girls make. Anna will sneak in and ask if she can make breakfast. I always roll over and watch her drag the step stool over to the freezer and get the waffles and put them in the microwave. She does this twice. Once for her, once for her sister. (My condo is small enough that my bedroom door looks right into the kitchen. So no fire hazards! She then dumps about a cup and a half of syrup on each set of waffles. Needless to say there is a lot left on the plate when they are finished. I should also add that somehow AugustRose ends up with a good deal of it in her hair..
Today the girls are going to Auntie's house for the day. They are doing their first double sleep over. Oddly, my sister is sort of afraid of AugustRose's behavior. She is a real spitfire, lots of questions, lots of running, lots of exploring. She is the polar opposite of her sister.
That's the beauty of two children. You really see the differences in personality. They may grow up in the same house, they may dress a like, but boy are they different. AugustRose is now potty training herself. She takes her little pink potty everywhere she goes in the house. She likes to wear panties, since they don't itch her or feel bulky. If she has an accident, she gets a fresh pair of panties BUT often puts her wettish ones in the trash! We have to watch that one.

I like this list from FaceBook
Top Ten Reasons To Be Happy Today
  1. The Dyevochkas will be with Auntie, freeing up and entire day for errands
  2. It is sunny, so the pools will be open for the dyevochkas
  3. I got paid yesterday
  4. I only have 12 1/2 days of school left
  6. I found out this week that my dear Anna will be doing the Welcome for her Kindergarten Graduation
  7. I will be in Naples soon
  8. I am loved in spite of myself
  9. KL is happy with her new baby inspite of herself
  10. Next weekend I will be in NYC with my favorite people in the world, the Hoozez and the Baker girlz

* I like this, I feel good about the day! I should do this more often.


Annie said...

You ARE a relaxed mama.... I don't even keep syrup in the house because I can't stand the stickiness!

Natalie and Randy just got back from Khabarovsk. They were rather depressed about the state of things there. They said the children really seem to be dirty and disheveled. They did manage to get one of the little guys a little dental surgery that made a huge difference to his comfort and happiness. Praise God! Adoptions are WAY down, sadly. There's a little girl there who seems to be seriously in need of surgery. How I'd love to adopt her and let her heal here. Oh! It's hard to see!

Hope you enjoy your day!!!

Ian said...

So you do not know me. I stumbled across your blog recently. My wife and I adopted our daughter from Moscow last year. I understand completely your feeling about the city. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Have you thought about working for one of the adoption services? Then you could establish contacts over there and "ease" into getting over there. We have a friend who did that and she spent quite a bit of time over there.