Monday, May 11, 2009

So Much for Mother's Day!

Thank goodness I stayed home on Friday and went to Anna's school for some Mother's Day Lovin, because it went down hill from there. My mom was pretty sick and AugustRose must have caught it, and from Friday night to Sunday, she went down pretty quickly. She has the Kroop, but not the kind Anna had. She had trouble with each deep breath in and out.
She got so upset about not being able to cough really deeply, and her little mouth turned blue. I was terrified. I called my sick mother over and we hauled it over to the Emergency room. She kept saying she was all better, hoping there would be no shots and we could be on our way. The worst part was the temp taking in the bottom. It wasn't as bad as it could have been.
The doctor was not as concerned as I was. They gave her liquid steroids, (a one time dose) and a breathing treatment. She was very good with it since she has played around with my dad's night time breathing machine. We layed/laid on the bed in the children's unit for many, many hours during the treatment and she even managed to get her thumb under the mask. She was a real trooper. The only highlight of the whole event was that she kept saying, "Mommy I need you."
Today we are on the mend, but my mom needs another day. I am staying home with my gal tomorrow and giving Poppi another day to recover!


kate said...

Poor, sweet baby! That would scare me, too.

Melissa said...

Goodness girl. This is why we haven't talked! I will call you later.