Friday, May 08, 2009

Some Times

I know that I spoil my girlz sometimes. I give them 2 things whenever they want them.
I give AugustRose balloons, and I give Anna cake. There is a reason for each.
I was hoping that I would be with Anna on her first birthday. I missed it by just weeks. We celebrated when we got home. But I will never forgive myself, or my agency, or Russia for taking that first big celebration away from our family, so to make up for it, I give my girl cake whenever we go to the grocery store. This week, we were leaving swimming and went to the Safeway (to get a cake and balloon)and found the coolest thing.
It is a car buggy with lights, horn and if you look just beside August's knees you will see that there is a tv. It was very fun for the girls, and we went down all of the aisles just to keep the fun going. We love to go out and about, and I always put the girls in a buggy or our double stroller. They get on and off, but I like having them close to me.
Sometimes we head to the historic little town of Occoquan for a visit. There was a festival last weekend and we walked down, and saw Anna's classmate S! They took some photos and we went on our way. Yep, we had to stop and the Vera Bradley Store. I got Anna a new lunch bag and a snack bag. She picked it out. Pink of course.
AugustRose got a balloon upon her arrival in the US. I think it was part of a bouquet, and she fell in love with it. She has loved them every since. It's the simple things. It's those little bits of joy I want to give my girlz to let them know that love comes from the easiest places. We don't need big fancy things to show each other how much we love each other, we just need to give. And about giving, my girls magically were able to give me a bouquet of roses for mothers day.(Thanks dad, I love them!) They are from my favorite flower company and come beautifully packages, and smell great! Today was the first time I took a day off from work to be with my big girl to celebrate Mother's Day. I wish so much that we were in the same school. It just seem logical that a teacher would be in school with her daughter, but because FCPS won't allow that I can't bring her. Anyway, today was simply precious. The children sang to us, they passed out bagels and fruit, and then gave us our gifts.

So that is our past couple of days. Bliss ain't chocolate, it's the life of a woman who loves being a mom. Sounds super corny, but it's true. I am blessed to be a mother. I am blessed to be a daughter. I am blessed to be a sister. I am blessed to be a friend. Jen, Missi, Laurie, Jenny, Bonnie, Jodi, Bernadette, Rene, Sandy, Annie, and Lee, my dear Lee, who aches this Mother's Day, You are all an inspiration to me, who are all the people who I admire and love. I wish you all the bestest Mother's Day ever!
and to my dear blogger friends who wait, Chrissy who is almost there, and Katie who is not quite but sort of there, I wish you a special special day!!

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Anonymous said...

I realize it's not my business, but I have to say - I think you should let go of the fact that you didn't celebrate your daughter's first birthday. Sometimes I get frustrated by these things, but the truth is, there is not one thing I would change about my kids - and it is there history that made them who they are. There's no point in quibbling with history anyway. They are here now, and you are obviously a really happy mother - don't taint it with unhappiness over something that is past! Celebrate the present, just as you are!