Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Milestone

Just like it was yesterday, I can remember picking up my dear Anni from the baby home from Komsomolsk. She was such a doll. So tiny, and wonderful, and lovely, and delicious, and darling. She is still all of those things, except now, she has graduated from Kindergarten. She was chosen to open the event with the Welcome, the Pledge of Allegiance and the school pledge. There were songs and poems, and it was just adorable.

Of course Daduska was there cheering his girl on...

And my sister LauraLee (AugustRose Lee's namesake and Anna's twin) was there, suprised that with all of the children on stage, you could STILL hear Anna's voice....Hmmm, not sure what to think of that!

My baby and I in her class at the celebration afterwards. Man am I blessed! This year has been awesome. Anna has a fantastic teacher, who has given me a gift like no other. She has chosen not just to teach my child, but to love her and inspire her. She has made it so that I haven't worried one bit about Anni's safety or security. I haven't worried about anything. I have thanked God for her. She has been a blessing to our family and we will love her forever! Thank you Mrs. Hall for all that you have done to encourage and push my gal..


Anonymous said...

Congrats on her graduation from kinder. Nicholas finishes up kindergarten tomorrow and we feel the exact same way about his teacher. She has just been perfect for him - firm, fun, loving and supportive. He has learned and grown so much this year. I only hope we will be so lucky next year. She has told us she will help place him in the right room next year. Someone who can handle his sweet, sensitive, Type-A Russian personality (yes all rolled into one bundle of contrasts).

Christine said...

Wow! SHe has grown!

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

Our kids sound very similar. Sensitive, sweet and Type A fits my gal too!
How is Lauren? How old is she now??

Annie said...

Isn't that the best gift? I felt that way about my younger children's teachers too. On his report card, Zhen's teacher actually mentioned his spirituality, which I have noticed - I was so touched that she saw that in him, too.

I cannnot believe you were able to adopt such a tiny Russian! Wow! What an adorable photo!

Anonymous said...

Lauren is doing well too. She is 4.5. She technically makes the kinder cut-off in CA (Dec. 1) but with a Nov 8 b-day and how delayed she was when she came home we are going to do a junior -k for her this year. Especially good since our kinder classes are going to 25 next year due to budget cuts. She is going to be my challenge. Our personalities clash and she is very headstrong. Nicky loses it when he can't control things or projects don't go perfectly. Lauren will try to push buttons and is not sensitive about others. On the other hand she has a great sense of humour and is a lot of fun as she is a huge girly girl but also super tough and athletic (she has a great arm).

The other night we were thinking of when we would take the kids back to Russia and decided that since we are on the west coast we would probably do 2 trips at some point - one to Khabarovsk (through Korea or Japan) and one to Moscow. We don't really have an appetite for that Khabarovsk to Moscow flight again. We were thinking 2014 when Nicky is 11 for Khabarovsk. Wouldn't is be great if Cradle could arrange some sort of "Homeland tour." It seems like it would be a good way for them to earn additional $ and keep their translators and drivers employed.

Last day of school for us today.

kate said...

Congrats to your big girl! So impressed with her opening the ceremony!