Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear Blogger Friends,

We are thrilled to introduce you to our organization, Supporting Orphans Across Russia. Born from the dream of three moms who grew their families through international adoption SOAR was established to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of children living in Russian orphanages. Our hope is that through our endeavors we might meet the great need of those children.
Who are we you ask? We are three moms of 11 fabulous children. Julianne is a school teacher and mom of two daughters. Jennifer is a stay at home mom with 4 children, one from Russia and three through foster care. Missi is mom to 5 great kids, three of whom are from Russia. Adoption brought us together. Each of us have a child who was adopted from the Khabarovsk region. We realized quickly that we share a common vision, our passion for adoption, love of Russia and hearts that ache for the children still waiting to know the meaning of family. Each of us witnessed the hopelessness and the great need for better living conditions, consistant medical care and improved diet.
Why is the need so great? The answer is simple. Russia has tried over the past few years to boost their foster care system. With over 750,000 orphans in their care, this has made little impact in the lives of these children who remain wards of the state. The impact however on the indiviual orphanages is significant, and not at all positive. Orphanges are already underfunded, but with more funds going to the foster system, the orphanages are seeing fewer and fewer govorment dollars to aide them in providing for the children in their care. It is not uncommon to find an orphanage with broken windows, insufficient supply of vaccines, contaminated water and a number of other serious concerns.
Our organization is just beginning, but we have set our hopes high! It is our goal in this first year to raise $40,000 which will fund our first humanitarian aide mission. The 3MomsMission will set off to Khabarovsk, Russia in the summer of 2010. During our trip we will distribute donations that we have received and meet with officials to ensure a continued relationship so that we can provide for the needs of this region on an ongoing basis. We plan to dispurse the funds we raise among the orphanages in this area in a way that best suits their needs. Because we have maintained connections with those in the adoption field we are confident that our efforts will be met with open arms. This initial good will visit will also give us the opportunity to determine where we can set our sights for large scale projects, such as water purification efforts or building repair.
We hope that you too will see the need and join with us as we SOAR to great heights in reaching the forgotten children of Russia. Your contribution is what will make our efforts a success. Please consider how your donation will change a life. All contributions are tax deductalbe and can be made through PayPal, or by mailing a check to:


12713 Gordon Boulevard Suite 88

Woodbridge, Virginia 22192

To learn more about S.O.A.R. and the 3MomsMission, visit our website at:


Christine said...

I followed this link from Frua. What an amazing thing you are doing. I am interested because our daughter Annalyn is originally from Khabarosvk (sp?).

Annie said...

Something to be excited about! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

You should really just look into this instead...