Saturday, June 27, 2009

Greetings From Paradise...

We made it safely to sunny Naples, Florida. Now we are amongst the left over snowbirds, and oddly, many Floridians. I think the economy has sent many who would normally be in the Keys right now, to their own back yard for some fun in the sun. As usual, there are many German families who are here. The crazy part is there is a direct flight from here to Germany.

I am still in shock over the death of Michael Jackson. As someone who so fiercely protects children, I am at odds with the way I feel about it. I grew up with the Osmonds and the Jackson 5. Janet was the little girl on Good Times. The first album that I got was Annie, with Andrea McArdle as Annie! The second album I got was Off The Wall. Our family had this giant stereo that was about 4 foot long, and we all listened to it. Then of course Thriller was the next big album. My cheerleading squad did a number to one of those hits.
It's sort of an unexpected end. Never saw it coming.And for that, I am sad. The whole molestation thing never had me too convinced. But then again, it took me months to wrap my head around the fact that OJ killed his wife. Funny, how I have a hard time accepting certain horrors.
But time will be forgiving to Michael. I will too.

As of today, we have logged tons of beach and pool hours. We have been to the best little library in the world a couple of times, and the best part is, we haven't been away from our Vanderbuilt Beach home for more than an hour or more than a mile. Everything we want is on this little area of town.
Pics coming soon!

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